OS4X Webaccess job actions

From OS4X

The detailed information about a job is listed below the job list. The following actions can be accessed in the header toolbar of the job overview:


Webaccess job fetch button.png If one or more files are available of this OS4X job, you can download a collection of the file(s) as a ZIP archive from the server. If this button is disabled, all files of the job are no longer available.


Webaccess job restart button.png Sometimes it is neccessary to restart the job processing of an OS4X Enterprise job, i.e. if the recipient claims he didn't receive the data. Users have the possibility to restart their OS4X jobs via this button.


Webaccess job forward button.png routing this job to another destination (internal or external, no matter). This sets a new recipient for this job and restarts it's plugin execution. A new send job will be created from the loggin in user's account to the new configured recipient. It is also possible to forward an OS4X job to multiple recipients.


Webaccess job print button.png If a transmission PDF has been created and saved, the "Print" button becomes active. Clicking on that buttons offers the Webaccess client the PDF file for saving or opening, so in any situation you're able to re-access your transmission PDF file.