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Product purpose

OS4X Portal is a portal solution for transferring files between an internal and external server for a secure data exchange with external communication partners, who typically don't have an own solution for managed data transfers.


  • OS4X Portal server: a server in the DMZ
  • OS4X Portal daemon: software handling portal jobs, running in the internal network zone


OS4X Portal consists of several components being used:



Required communication ports

For a functional OS4X Portal communication, the following communication protocols needs to be enabled between internal to external zone:

  • shared storage, like:
    • NFS3 with ports 111 (TCP and UDP) and 2049 (TCP and UDP)
    • NFS4 with port 2049 (TCP)
    • CIFS with UDP ports 137 and 138, and TCP ports 139 and 445
  • http(s) communication via a defined port (TCP ports 80 or 443 by default)