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VW requires the upload of cXML documents via a HTTP file upload, which is supported in OS4X Enterprise.


The configuration is quite simple and need very limited settings. The settings are defined in the administrative panel in "Configuration" -> "OS4X Enterprise" -> "Basic" in the section "VW REST API file upload - cXML data transfer":

  • DUNS number for reply: VW required all HTTP upload methods to be answered with a structured XML containing your DUNS number.
  • All transmissions initiated by VW generate an OS4X Enterprise incoming job. For this this you need to define:
    • Recipient for incoming jobs: the recipient of the job. The resolved receive plugin group of this recipient will be executed for receive jobs.
    • Sender for incoming jobs: the sender of the job.

Target URL

The OS4Xadmin interface resolves dynamically the correct URL for access of this web service. You may use this as a basis for mod_rewrite for a nicer URL. Example:


All requests to the given URL will create an incoming OS4X Enterprise job dynamically. The attached file(s) will be moved to OS4X's incoming directory, appended with a temporary suffix (so subsequent calls with the same filename will not overwrite the same file). Next step is to create a temporary XML file for the binary os4x_create_enterprise_sendjob, stored in OS4X's temporary directory with a name prefix "vw_job_xml_". If job creation or plugin execution fails, this job XML will not be deleted upon request completion.

If job creation and plugin execution succeeds, a positive XML answer will be sent to VW synchronously during this web request. Otherwise, a negative XML answer will be sent.


Job creation is logged in OS4X's system log:

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