OS4X plugin os4xplugin virt filename2recipient mapping

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With static definitions, define the recipient via the virtual filename(s) of a job. In case of multiple files in the job, a loop over all files will be executed, where overwriting of recipient rules is possible.


The "own company" field must be configured in "Configuration" -> "OS4X Enterprise" -> "Basic" -> "Define own company". This entity limits the possible recipients for jobs.


All configuration is done in "Configuration" -> "OS4X Enterprise" -> "Plugins" -> "Virt. filename to recipients plugin" via the "Configure" button. The virtual filename of the job is being used for analyses. Possible methods are:

  • exact match
  • begins with
  • ends with
  • contains
  • doesn't contain
  • doesn't start with
  • doesn't end with

All definitions are case sensitive.

If a match occurs, the rule may stop further processing by activating the "Stop after match" checkbox.

A freely configurable comment will be displayed in the plugin logs for better analyses.

Since OS4X release 2020-05-14, the plugin is capable to execute the rule

  • RegExp compiles

This type of configuration uses the PCRE library to compile regular expressions. If a match occurs, the rule applies.

Since OS4X release 2020-05-19, the plugin is capable to examine the originator SFID. This optionally configured value at each rule limits the execution, so it is possible to distinguish rules between different sending systems of files.