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OS4X Core installation

OS4X Core main configuration file - /etc/os4x.conf

OS4X Core configuration

OS4X Core environment variables

OS4X Core - list of returncodes

OS4X Core binaries

OS4X Core scripts

OS4X Core parallel installation

OS4X Core performance and resources

OS4X Core web interface

OS4X Core list of possible log entries

OS4X HTTP Proxy support

OS4X Directory Scanner

OS4X Core partner administration

OS4X Core standard tasks - Tasks to be done with OS4X, like starting daemons, enqueueing files, polling a partner etc.

OS4X update - Updating your OS4X installation

OS4X administrative tasks - handle your OS4X installation

Special installation issues

OS4X master-slave database usage

Known bugs and behaviour of 3rd party software

ISDN low layer facts

OS4X 2 Core - ISDN protocols

Compiling AVM FritzCard PCI Linux kernel driver

Compiling AVM FritzCard PCI Linux kernel driver - SLES11


OS4X Core - OFTP2 getting started

OS4X Core - Extract private certificate & key from password protected certificate

OS4X Core - changing certificate format (PEM & DER)

OS4X Core - Request a c-works OFTP2 certificate

OS4X Core - Regenerate certificate request (i.e. for ordering a new certificate due to expiration)

OS4X Core - Updating OFTP2 certificate

OS4X Core - handle PFX/PKCS#12 file - extract private key and public certificate

OS4X Core - list of support certificate formats

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